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Windows Reseller Hosting ________ Business Class Hosting Experience

A service of reseller hosting is provided to small resellers by companies that have a large capacity for storing files and make customers of these companies reseller hosting can provide a constant, permanent and smooth for all types of customer that requires service, regardless of size, need or budget.
Reseller hosting providers are usually large companies that have large machines that act as servers for receiving data from all direct customers and customer agencies reseller hosting, so they have a very high volume of information and likewise must provide constant speed, enough storage. These teams reseller hosting providers are put in large rooms, which requires not only energy 24 hours a day to work but also for cooling because overheated serious malfunctions occur and this directly affects the final customers reseller hosting.
Windows reseller hosting servers are computers that have natural cooling equipment such as large windows that take advantage climatic conditions or using large solar cells to generate the energy needed to keep everything running properly, so having a supplier reseller hosting with good environmental practice, will attract more customers to a hosting company that does not have any green seal that certifies as a green company.


Plan Features ...

Weekly Backups ● Robust Apache (Optimized) ● Firewall & DDoS Protection ● 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Frequently Asked Question's Answer _ _ _ _

  Unmetered means user can use / host with unlimited resources. (Bandwidth, DiskSpace & Other Hosting Features.)
  There should be 24/7 after sales support is available and no hidden fees applicable after payment.
  We dont restrict any INode limit. Maximum hourly mail limit is upto 250/hour.
  User can host Audio and Media Files on the server, we support Audio and Video streaming.
  Some Hosting Features Like Fantastico / Webalizer is not available on all servers, as it may replaced by Softaculous / AWSTATS.
  We are using Optimized & Latest version of Apache, PHP and stable MySQL release. All Hosting Modules are Enabled and Customizable.
  • Dedicated Resources

  • Raid10 Protected HDD

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Premium Bandwidth