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We could say that this type of accommodation is a compromise between a shared server and dedicated server. It is also often use the term 'virtual private server' to refer to this type of hosting.
The main idea of ​​this service is that it offers you the benefits of a dedicated server at a more affordable cost, which can come in handy if you need a little more flexibility and reliability but do not have a very large budget.
Private accommodation consists of several virtual private servers that are separated on the same physical computer hardware sharing. Actually it is the partition of a dedicated server into multiple environments, including sharing only the hardware, thereby reducing costs, but not the software, which provides more control to the client.
Each private server is isolated from the others, so you can have your own resources reserved and guaranteed: storage (disk), RAM and processor, applications, control panel, bookstores, etc. This allows the operation of one do not interfere with other private servers installed on the same server or physical machine. Thus, for example, although a private server exceeds use RAM or processor, will not be affected by the performance of the other private servers.


Plan Features ...

Weekly Backups ● Robust Apache (Optimized) ● Firewall & DDoS Protection ● 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Frequently Asked Question's Answer _ _ _ _

  Unmetered means user can use / host with unlimited resources. (Bandwidth, DiskSpace & Other Hosting Features.)
  There should be 24/7 after sales support is available and no hidden fees applicable after payment.
  We dont restrict any INode limit. Maximum hourly mail limit is upto 250/hour.
  User can host Audio and Media Files on the server, we support Audio and Video streaming.
  Some Hosting Features Like Fantastico / Webalizer is not available on all servers, as it may replaced by Softaculous / AWSTATS.
  We are using Optimized & Latest version of Apache, PHP and stable MySQL release. All Hosting Modules are Enabled and Customizable.
  • Dedicated Resources

  • Raid10 Protected HDD

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • Premium Bandwidth